Read Me – Vanity Unit in Your Bathroom Can Do Wonders


As the proud owner of my new home, I know that the bathroom and kitchen are the two essential areas of a home. If you want to refurbish your home, you should never overlook these two areas. I have recently renovated my bathroom and want to share the way you can pick a cloakroom vanity unit.

A vanity bathroom is a cabinet that is typically located underneath the sink and occupies the portion of the space in the bathroom. It is naturally the center of attraction due to its wide size. This is one of the biggest pieces of furniture you can take if you want the redesign of your bathroom.

Basic steps to ponder

It can be a difficult task to find the right vanity unit for your bathroom, particularly when you can literally purchase hundreds of different designs. When it is done right, however, you will be able to completely remove any mess in your bathroom and give everyone a pleasant look.

  • Firstly, you need to measure your bathroom’s space and think about buying a vanity bathroom for that specific size and design. For example, if your bathroom is more traditional and vintage, wood vanities would be a much better option. Even If I am trying to imitate my entire bathroom outlook to the vanity unit, I have seen that there are bathrooms that totally contrast with the vanity, and it looks much better if not. It can be frustrating for the entire bathroom outlook.

  • Then you will need to consider the size of the vanity bathroom. Measure carefully the actual amount of space that the vanity can occupy and measure the minimum. You should not need a vanity which occupies too little space in a large bathroom because of the limited measurements.

  • Think of the functionality finally. My advice is to write down questions for any vanity you can ask yourself. Stuff like: does it have ample space? Or is it too large? Are you pleased with the door design? Will I be able to make productive use of the closets and shelves? Do I need to take a basin with it? What color and finish matches my bathroom setting? Do I need a wall hung or a floor-standing vanity? These questions are necessary to write down. One point to make is, however, that it will take too long if you have a large list, before finding one that fits you. Be versatile and disregard questions that are not relevant.

Give a new appearance in your bathroom

In the market, the options are numerous with a range of vanity types. Bathroom vanity units can be used to make the bathroom look fresh and clean. You can choose a suitable vanity for the bathroom section, depending on your preferences and needs. Lavatories, like medical cabinets, have had the same old cabinets for ages.

But if you look at the new vanity devices, you can find that they are trendy. There are shelves for the storage of hairdryers, waste bottles, and much more. Make-up is also feasible to be saved in the drawers.

Avoid bathroom chaos

The basin countertop looks tidy and clean without the regular hustle and bustle in the bathroom. Yet modern vanity cabinets and units focus more on keeping the counter free of the inconvenience in bathrooms. A clean counter offers a modern, smooth finish to the bathroom. Accessories which typically in the bathroom, can be kept in vanity units are robes, sheets, bath towels, hairbrushes, buns, powder boxes, perfumes, and much more.

In fact, your new vanity bathroom might be built to save you time and get that (hopefully) you would like, but that is very costly and sometimes needless. The cheaper option is online shopping. This also has flaws due to camera lenses and color contrast; a vanity unit can be a lot more appealing than it really is. Only note that it is appropriate for your bathroom and tastes, whether you buy it online or build it. Likewise, go for a supplier who offers a warranty and exchange policy to you so any issues in the delivered items can be entertained.

Increase the storage capacity in the bathroom

With the use of vanities, storage in the bathroom can be increased. These can cover pipes and unnecessary connections and tubes. In most bathrooms, materials such as medium fibreboards covered MDF boards, etc has remained in use over the years. Yet, some MDF boards require special attention as their surface can be damaged by excess water. Hence, these cannot be a reliable alternative to a vanity unit.

Vanity units are available in different sizes of drawers. There are single door, double door, and four-door vanities available as per the convenience of the customers and the available space in the bathroom.


Vanity bathrooms are perfect for those who need additional space to store the sheets and towels in their bathrooms. They do not just give you additional space to cover your stuff, but they come in so many styles that your toilet looks amazing.

Vanity units are around for centuries and like fine wine, the longer the better they look. Classic, new, luxurious, and technological Vanities can be easily reached. Likewise, there are vanities that can be fitted on the wall directly to save the floor space. Plus, the floor-standing vanity can be selected for greater width. The choice is always yours which should be matched to your budget.