Plan Trip to Visit Chicago


On the shores of Lake Michigan sits Chicago, the so-called “Windy City”. It has outstanding architecture, many cultural activities, and is well known for its lively arts scene. The city has a worldwide reputation, with artists such as Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright, and artists such as Picasso, Mirõ, Dubuffet, and Chagall. It’s a focus of architecture and art from the twentieth century. Even in athletics, the city has many choices, including American football’s Chicago Lions, Chicago White Sox, baseball’s Cubs, and basketball’s Chicago Bulls. To book cheap tickets to Chicago, contact Spirit Airlines Reservations.

What to visit in Chicago? 

Chicago has everything you would expect in many respects from a big international city: stunning architecture, excellent food and entertainment, and a worldwide tradition of art and culture and technology.

Millennium Park is located on the east side of Michigan Avenue, in downtown Chicago, Columbus Drive to the east, Randolph Street to the north, Monroe Street to the north. Millennium Park is part of Grant Park. The heart is a sculpture of 110 tones called Cloud Gate, with an inspired liquid mercury-inspired polished stainless steel surface like a mirror. The area reflects the buildings, the sky, and tourists that pass the central arch.

Crown Fountain, a modern and fascinating interpretation of the ancient gargoyle that gives the appearance of water from the mouths of projected images of Chicago’s citizens, is also a significant attraction in Millennium Park.

Initially opened in 1916 as a fun zone and shipping center, the Navy Pier is now one of Chicago’s most popular tourist attractions. Today, 50 acres of gardens and attractions, stores, bars, music venues, and parks have been constructed on the Navy Pier. In Navy Pier Park, there is a wheel of 150 foot Ferris and an antique carousel.

The Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain, designed as a gift by the family in 1927, is one of the world’s largest. The central fountain was modeled in the classic Art Deco style and is enclosed by four seahorses, which reflect the four bordering states of Lake Michigan. The fountain explodes into life hourly to produce an incredible showcase fired at almost 15.000 gallons of water a minute. After sunset, there will be a water display with lights that must be seen if you will be in the city in the evening. The fountain is the heart of Grant Park, the vast Chicago public space with many attractions and smaller parks.

360 Chicago is a 94th-floor observation deck of the J Hancock Building located in the John Hancock Center office. It is easily recognizable by the dark metallic exterior look and cross-braced steel frame that runs up outside the building. The large glass-walled observation deck has views over and above Chicago.

When to visit Chicago?

In late summer, early summer, and early autumn, particularly May, June, and October, mild weather conditions are the best times to visit. During these months, temperatures are typically moderate, with averages from 12°C to 21°C. May and June may be a little gloomy. Just in case, pack an umbrella.

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