Jewelry Store Milford CT


Jewelry Store Milford CT

Are you in the Milford, CT area and are looking for a fine jewelery store? Well your in luck, look no further than Diamond Designs! Diamond Designs, located in Orange, CT has everything you need selling only the best for their customers. The store sells earrings, necklaces, bracelets, as well as watches that are new or pre-owned. Need an engagement ring? Then you are in luck! Diamond Designs specializes in engagement ring sales carrying Simon G., Ritani, Triton, Lashbrook, and Artcarved. While Diamond Designs loves selling their customers jewelry, they love repairing their customers jewelry as well! If you give Diamond Designs employees your jewelry for repair you will be guaranteed that it will be handled with care. They also pride themselves on how efficient they get the job done as well! When entering Diamond Designs you will also be ensured a great in store experience as customer experience is their top priority. Customers not only will have a great selection of jewelry, but exceptional customer service as well. Whoever enters this store, will not be disappointed. The store has many returning customers leading to new customers as well! Diamond Designs customers always love coming back to the store to interact with the staffers as well as having a great selection of jewelry as well! If you are in Milford, CT then there is no better jewelry store for you! Diamond Designs does it all!


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Best Engagement Ring Companies

If you are in the market for diamond engagement rings, you are in luck! Diamond Designs located in Orange, Connecticut is the place to go! Diamond Designs is a family owned small business, selling many types of jewelry ranging from bracelets to earrings. While selling a wide array of jewelry Diamond Designs specializes in the sales of diamond engagement rings. Some of the brands they carry for engagement rings are Ritani, Simon G., and Gabriel & Co. Diamond Designs only carries top of the line engagement rings for its customers since they care about the customers happiness and want their customers to choose from only the best resulting in a timeless wonder. Not only does Diamond Designs want their customers to pick from the best rings around, but the employees want their customers to enjoy the process of purchasing a diamond engagement ring as well. With the high quality brands Diamond Designs sells , customers leave the store more than satisfied and exhilarated with their purchase. Staff members always enjoy helping their customers find their perfect ring ensuring customers happiness. If you are in the market for a diamond engagement ring, Diamond Designs is the place for you as they give the best service and best quality merchandise!