Issues Leading To Erectile Dysfuntion

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is the name given to the recurring inability to maintain erection necessary for a fulfilling sexual experience. Almost 2/5 of Australian men are suffering from this condition. Erection is the result of a combined effort involving the brain, nervous system, circulatory system, emotions and hormones. Thus an erectile dysfunction can happen due to an issue in any of the above systems. Erectile dysfunction has a range of causes, and the condition prevails from the span of mildly impacting the sufferer to a complete erectile dysfunction.

Natural Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Older men have a high probability of being effected by erectile dysfunction. Though it is solely not an age related ailment and can also impact the young men. Almost sixty percent elderly in Australia experience the issue. This is almost the double the figure for the younger lot. This is a natural cause as age related health issues along with a slow blood flow impact the erection. Hormonal changes and emotional detachment further aggravates the issue. As the ageing populace in Australia rises, the issue of ED is anticipated to increase in the coming years.

Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

At times ED is the consequence of an underlying issue. In order to restore the erection, a proper diagnosis from a professional is required. The major physical causes include:

  • Cardiac issues: An increase in blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood sugar level along with clogging and narrowing of blood vessels can disrupt the flow of blood required to maintain firmness in the penis.
  • High body weight and fat
  • Physical injury in the pelvic area
  • Hardening of muscles around the pelvic region
  • Problem in the lower abdominal function
  • Habitual problem: Use of cigarettes, drugs and alcohol
  • External or internal injury of the spinal cord leading to a damage of nerves
  • Suffering from fatal disease like prostrate issues and cancers
  • Low production of testosterone and sperms
  • Certain medications also tend to decrease the erection of the penis these include:
    • Medicines used in cancer treatment
    • Water pills to expel liquid from the body
    • Medicines for irregular pulse rate
    • Anti-depressants and stimulating medications

Psychological Issues

Brain is the initiate signal sender which eventually results in erection; a mental health issue will naturally impact the entire process and result in erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by:

  • Undue stress
  • Anxiety caused by environmental issues or related to performance
  • Depression
  • Emotional disconnect

Individually these issues become the reason for impotence, but many a times it’s not a single issue but a combination of physiological issues which result in an unsatisfied intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is a complicated health concern which requires proper medical diagnosis, professional help from the right practitioner along with a lot of patience to cure.

Oral Medicines for Ed Treatment

Oral medication is one of the most widely accepted forms of quick relief from the issue. The widely tested and used include:

  • Viagra and Levitra: It is used as a support to ensure firmness till the end of the act. Within an hour the results of the medicine are visible. They are available in different strengths depending on the users need.
  • Cialis: It is relatively a much stronger version of Viagra. The effects of the medicine last for much longer, usually more than a day.

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Erectile dysfunction is a curable medical problem, with the right care and medications you can surely achieve the positive results and sexual satisfaction back in your life.