How to Immigrate to South Africa?


Today, more and more people from different corners of the world are now choosing South Africa as their immigration destination. More often than not, people may be not aware of how to start with the process. We all know that the number of details can be overwhelming sometimes. For a common man, it is not easy to know where to start! Even though you can consult with South Africa immigration consultants in Dubai can help you understand the same or you can read this post to know how to get started!

1.       Get Your Immigration Assessment Done

To move to South Africa, you will need a valid visa for the same. There are different visa options available for different purposes, right from studying to working. One of the finest ways to find out whether you qualify for one of these options is to do your eligibility check with a professional consultant for South Africa in Dubai. By doing so, you will get to know whether you qualify for immigration and for which visa type.

2.       Make Sure You Have A Valid Passport

To submit your visa application, you will need a valid passport. Check the dates multiple times before moving your forward and make a note to renew the same if needed.

3.       Get The Estimation Of Cost

We advise you strongly that get the cost estimation to see how much your immigration is expected to settle you back financially. Some people do not realize just how expensive moving to another country can get. Visas and flight bookings are just the beginning. In addition to this, it is good to check the housing and initial living costs along with medical expenses.

4.       Research About Cities And Provinces

If you have not visited South Africa, then it is advisable to research the country. You can take the help of Google or simply ask your South Africa immigration consultants in Dubai about the best places to live and work in the country. When you know the country, you will get much better for the destination wherein you are planning to put your roots down.

5.       Decide What You Are Planning To Do With Your Accommodation And Its Items – Whether You Want To Rent It Or Buy Once You Are In South Africa

When it comes to your household belongings, you can choose to ‘ship’ everything, to sell everything, or simply store all or some of it. For this, you should find out whether you can afford to buy new stuff in the country before you fly. It might be more affordable to start on a fresh note than to ship all the household belongings. The next thing you will need to do is sell or rent your current home in your native country. You will get extra money if you rent the house. Yes, you may need to sell your house after a certain period to arrange the finance for your immigration. If you have gotten these costs estimated in advance, you will know if it is needed or not.

6.       Understand The Methods Available To Transfer Money From And To South Africa

South Africa is one of the countries that still enforce ‘exchange’ control regulations. These have a huge impact on how you transfer funds along with how much money you will transfer and repatriations afterward. A good and professional immigration consultant for South Africa in Dubai can better guide you with this. So, speak to them and ask them questions about the methods available for fund transfer from and to South Africa.

7.       Starting Looking For Jobs To Ease Your Living

Exploring the South African job market will provide you with insights into the jobs available. It will also provide you with the salaries with sectors, and the experience and skills companies ask for. However, you will not need any job to apply for the visa. General work visas will only require a job to apply for the work visa. Browse through the official website of the government to learn more about the jobs, skills, experience, etc. needed. Get an international driver’s license in 2 hours.

Final Thoughts

Once you are done all these points, you are all set to fly to South Africa. In case you need any assistance and professional support, you must consult with a South Africa immigration consultant in Dubai. While contacting, do not hesitate to ask questions. Move forward only once you ticked off these crucial aspects.