Different Variants of the Online Rummy Game


Rummy is a traditional card game which has been a favourite game since time immemorial. In a rummy card game, every player is drawn with 13 cards and players are required to make sets and sequences of 13 cards. In an Online Rummy Games, players are needed to make certain strategies and skills that are needed for a person on a daily basis. Skills used in a rummy card game not only help the player in winning the game but also help on a daily basis.

Playing a rummy card game not only helps the player in earning real money but also gives the chance to learn certain strategies and skills. If you are new to the Rummy card game then users can learn how to play rummy at Rummy Passion. Players can download the app and play practice games.

Variants of Online Rummy Card Game

There are three commonly played variants of the Rummy card game, which are as follows:

1.   Points Rummy

It is the easiest and most basic variant of the online rummy cash games which can be played by players on practice tables and for real cash. Points rummy is also known as 80-points rummy in which points are pre-defined for every player. The winner of the game has the least number of points at the end of the game. It is one of the most popular and played variants of the rummy card game. This variant of the rummy card game can be played at two players’ tables and six players’ tables.

In the Points Rummy card game players are required to play the game for one time only. To win the game of rummy, the players are required to make one pure sequence which should not have the joker card and another can be an impure sequence having a joker card in it. The winner of the game gets zero points while other players get the points for cards which have not been used to make sets and sequences.

2.   Pool Rummy

It is an extended variant of Points Rummy in which players are required to play a series of games. Pool Rummy is a series of games which can be played by two players or more than two players. Players can play 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy which are the commonly played variants of Pool Rummy.

In this variant of rummy, players are needed to play till they cross 101 points or 201 points depending on the gameplay. Players whose points add up to 101 or 201 whichever is maximum get eliminated from the game. The player with the lowest score wins the game of rummy. If a player has left the game and wants to rejoin it then it can be done if other players don’t have more than 79 points in that particular game.

3.   Deals Rummy

It is another variant of rummy which can be played on practice tables as well as cash. Players are required to play a fixed number of deals. Players can play either best of 2 deals or best of 3 deals at Rummy Passion. At the beginning of the game, players are given an equal number of chips to play Deals Rummy. The winning player gets the chips of the players who have lost the game.

Players are ranked in deals rummy on the basis of their chip count. The one who gets the maximum number of chips is the winner of the Deals rummy. Deals Rummy card game is like playing the Points Rummy game for a pre-decided number of times.


All in all, Rummy is an engaging card game which helps the players in learning skills and strategies that are needed by a person on a daily basis. It also helps the player in earning bonuses and cash rewards. Players can play and enjoy different variants of Rummy card games at India’s Best Rummy App – Rummy Passion and win huge cash rewards and prizes to win the game.