Different Types and Advantages of Line Markings

Line Marking
Line Marking

The line-markings on the roads play a very significant role in ensuring the safety of humans and channelizing the traffic. Though the rules about these lines in every country are different, their purpose is the same, i.e., avoiding accidents and traffic jams.

Here are a few things being mentioned about these lines in this blog. So, learn the numerous benefits of road markings and know what the different types of lines are that are used for different purposes.

What are the Benefits of Line Marking?

Line Marking Service
Line Marking Service

Before we talk about the benefits of the road markings, let us know what they are.

So, the road markings are the colourful lines that are drawn on the roads to indicate different messages like speed limit and traffic diversion. These lines are made to play an important role in the lives of the driver so that they are safe and following the rules and regulations.

Here are a few advantages of road markings you need to know:

  • Most of the times the line markings are used on the roads to divide the traffic. They are used to prevent the confusion and chaos. In order to maintain the discipline in the road while the movements of human and traffic.. These are the lines that are used to stop the vehicles from running into each other accidentally.
  • Road markings are also used to indicate the speed limit on specific roads. Though these lines have different lengths and width in different countries they are sued to serve a single purpose, i.e., to inform the drivers to slow down.
  • Road markings are used to draw the zebra crossing and pedestrian crossing to indicate the drivers that they need to slow down or stop because people might be crossing the roads. They are made to prevent accidents.
  • The line-markings are also used to indicate the directions on certain roads. They help the drivers to not to get confused or lost on their way. They are made to make things quite smooth for the drivers. They are also used to show the diversions other than the directions.
  • Marks of different kinds with colors are used to guide the drivers to understand the speed, overtaking and parking areas. They are often used to indicate that the road ahead could be risky or hazardous so the drivers are required to drive safely. They should try to keep the speed of their vehicle slow to avoid accidents.
  • And, the line markings are used for parking areas as well. These lines indicate that the cars can be parked within the drawn area and not outside it to avoid traffic on the road.
What are the different types of line marking?
Line Marking
Line Marking

As we are talking everything about the markings, you need to know what the different types of lines are used across the world to indicate different things.

For Roads:

  • Lines to indicate turns
  • Lines for pedestrian crossing
  • Lines for upcoming stop signs
  • Centrelines, and
  • Edge lines

For Parking Lots:

  • Lines for bumps, hazards, dips, and clearance
  • Arrows for directing the traffic flow to avoid chaos
  • Supplement stop signs
  • Lines for crosswalks
  • Entry and exit signs
  • Markings for parking and no parking zones

Just keep these lines in mind and driving and parking will become an easier task for you. They are going to help you in following the rules and avoid accidents.

Now when you know the benefits of road line marking and different types of markings, it is good to go for an experienced markings service provider; the one who understands these benefits and will give you the desired results.