CBSE Board: How to prepare for Class 12 Maths Exam


The Class 12 exam is an objective moment in the educational life of students. Math is one of the key topics for the board examination and various aggressive exams. By regular practice with good information on the concepts, students can understand the applications of the formulas with topics in other important subjects. Division like separation, Integration, and template also has various uses in our daily lives.

Scoring well in the Class 12 exam helps students who wish to pursue their higher education in the field of Business Administration, Statistics, Engineering, Economics, and even Chartered Accountancy. Choosing the correct study material is the main step in receiving good marks in the examination. Students can make use of RD Sharma Solutions Class 12 Maths while solving the textbook troubles to seize the idea more effectively.

Here are some of the tips to help you score well in the Mathematics exam.

All that studying, correction, and practically sickening prep work boil down to only 2-3 hours! That is constantly that is given to you to demonstrate how well you know the subject. How to score great imprints in the test? Is one of the most oftentimes posed inquiries to the instructors and specialists? Indeed, we can’t represent all subjects. Regardless of whether you’re beginning in secondary school, or frantically reading for your fundamental mid-year tests, traversing Math (particularly in Metric) can be an overwhelming undertaking. With some assistance, be that as it may, Math can be much simpler than you’ve ever envisioned. The better you know the rudiments, the less work you need to attempt to sort out when you’re battling with a particular issue – in any event, when you don’t know precisely what to do. On the off chance that you can apply the equation, you’re most of the way there.

1. Understand the basic concepts

Before solving the exercise wise problems, students should first understand the basic concepts which are important from the exam viewpoint. This will help them to gain the knowledge concerning what kind of troubles that would arise in the board exams. It also improves the analytical skills and logical thinking approach in the minds of students which helps in resolving the complex troubles without any difficulty.

2. Refer to the textbooks prescribed by the CBSE board

Students are advised to follow the textbook prescribed by the current CBSE exam. The problems which appear in the division 12 exams are familiar to the query which is present in the textbook. This would help undergraduate to gain a better abstract considerate of topics with their applications in our daily activities.

3. Choose the right study material

Many students would find it difficult in solving the exercise-wise problems present in the prescribed textbook. For this purpose, various study materials and reference guides are present in the current market to help students. Referring to the solutions created by the subject matter experts helps students to solve the problems in a shorter duration of time.

4. Prepare notes of important formulas and theorems

Various important methods need to be understood and sometimes learn. So the students should prepare short notes of the main method and theorems which are required in solving the textbook problems. The notes can also help students in boosting their revision a few days before the exams.

5. Solve model papers and question papers

After completing the problems from the textbook, students should gather all the model papers and question papers of previous years and solve them one by one. This would basically help them to gain a clear knowledge of the exam pattern and the marks weightage as per the latest CBSE guidelines.

These are some of the tips, the students need to follow, in order to perform well in the Class 12 exams. RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 12 Maths PDF can be downloaded by the students either chapter wise or exercise-wise based on their needs. The solutions are designed in a systematic way with comprehensive explanations to help students irrespective of their intelligence quotient. Learning and Solution offers a brief training to your board planning with a complete arrangement of explained earlier year question papers, test papers, test papers, alongside significant idea classes with tips and deceives to tackle issues quicker. Learning and Solution intense training for board tests is a one-stop arrangement not exclusively to ace your board tests yet additionally to fabricate a solid establishment in your subjects to improve in higher examinations and further serious tests.