Brass Knuckle Knife – Unique Historical Knife

brass knuckle knife

The brass knuckle knife is a knife that is a dual purpose historical knife that has been part of many wars in the past. The blade is also known as the trench knife, as it helped the British soldiers in digging up trenches along with using it in many other ways. 

The knife is dual purpose as it has a blade that can perform things that any blade can perform. And it has a handle that is not like the normal handles you get with knives; rather, it has a brass knuckle handle that can be used for the purpose of punching. 

Today crime rates are at an alarming level, and it has become the need of the hour to remain extra careful while outdoors and to be equipped with the right type of weaponry. Not only should you be having the weapons, but you should also have the skills to use them.

The Brass Knuckle Knife is one easy to go tool that is easy to function and are also easy to carry. They come in many cool types and have many interesting uses. Let us read on to find out more about the blades. 

What is a Knife with Brass Knuckles Called?

Blades with knuckles are known by many different names; you can call them brass knuckle knives, knuckle knives, knuckle duster knife, trench blade, and so on. All of them pinpoint towards the same thing that is a blade with knuckles. 

Knives for Sale – Types and Varieties

Usually, most of the knives or guns come in one type only, but the good thing about the brass knuckle knives is that they come in many forms. 

  • Designed Knuckles

First of all knives, you get to notice the blades that feature different types of handles. You get to find the bullet handles, which are also known as spiked knuckles. That is because instead of spikes, they have bullets made on the handles that have sharp edges. A single punch of the bullets can do a great deal of damage. Then, you will find handles that have two dividers for your fingers. You get to put two fingers in one and two in the other. You also get to find handles that feature cool colors or patterns such as the came handles. 

  • Designed Blades

Just like the many types of handles you get to find, you will also find many types of blades. The blades that you find are either curved like the karambit knives or are straight. You will also find blades that are short in size and even longer in size. Some of the blades even have cool colors/patterns such as the camo blade, which is fully given the camo shade, and it turns out to be the best for army lovers. 

  • Branded Knuckle Knife

If you are on the peek for a weapon that stays with you for a long time, you need to look no further than the collection of the branded knuckle knife. This collection comprises of blades being offered by the best brands in the world, namely the MTech, and many more. The brands are known for creating awesome knives that are long lasting. 

Uses of the Self Defense Knives

The self defense knives are not only confined to keeping you safe, but there is a lot more than you can achieve out of the weapons. First and foremost is the use of the blades as a safety tool. As it comes with two weapons in one, you get to take down the toughest of opponents with it in seconds. The knuckle can be used for punching, whereas you can deliver blows with the blade. 

The weapon comes in two forms; the folding ones are the best for the above-stated use. The fixed ones, on the other end, are known as great hunting tools. They are known as such because the fixed blades are fixed so strongly on top that they cannot be folded and are unbreakable.  Anything that comes their way will be taken down with utmost ease.

The blades come in cool forms, and they also have historical links. These aspects make the blades totally worthy of being added to a collection. You can include them to your collection and can display it in your room, or you can go on to show it off on social media platforms. 

What is a Brass Knuckle Knife Price?

The prices of the blades vary. You get to buy the cheapest for $11 and expensive ones that start from $20. The price of the blade depends on what you decide to buy. 

Buy Cool Knives Today

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