Air Conditioner Safe to Use during Corona Virus Pandemic?


As you know the case of corona virus pandemic is increasing rapidly. Health experts are doing research on how to transmission of the virus. There are some after. One theory of it is that – Are Air Conditioner safe for use during COVID 19th pandemic? It is totally wrong to say that the air conditioner is not safe for use during a pandemic. As pointed out by experts, ACs house does not represent a serious threat of Covid-19 contamination, especially when people stay in their homes without any external contacts.

However, the corona virus can be spread in places such as centralized air. Center, for example, shopping, theaters, restaurants, corporate offices, etc. “The disease isn’t the indistinguishable as an illness that causes the general flu and cold flu present that someone sneezed, it enormously was widely happening. A disease specialist comes with few points that are really important to us. We should follow all those guidelines to live a safe life.

Since the corona virus did not last long in the air, so air conditioning is less likely to cause danger of transmission. And if it is air conditioned house then there is at least a chance of transmission. Health experts say that in places like air shopping center, where a lot of people usually congregate; there is a greater chance that the virus can be recycled into the air in a much shorter time. “

In the wake of the epidemic, Prime Minister Narender Modi has asked people to stay away from heavy populate because they may come into interaction with someone who is contaminated.

A specialist said that disease transmission if people visits the shopping complexes are air-conditioned during corona virus pandemic, the risk of exposure to corona virus directly from infected people is much greater than that found with air conditioning recycling.

How to Use Home AC Safe during Corona virus?

As the temperature increased rapidly, individuals need to use forced air conditioning (AC) and coolers to get some comfort from the heat of combustion. Because there are many concerns about the use of air conditioning and refrigeration for corona virus epidemic, such as whether it is safe to use air conditioning, and if so, what temperature to keep.

During corona virus common thing even cause a serious threat. So it is always the best choice to have clear information about the problem and then take it a step further. People from other countries of the world except China really wonder about the safe Are AC for use in a pandemic? As I have answered this question that home air conditioner is safe to use and then centrally air conditioned. But then also there is a greater need to take steps to use the AC home security as well. If you use a window or split air conditioner in your home, then you are safe from Corona virus transmission.”

If your family member is infected then you should turn off the air conditioner and turn on the AC window block viral transmission. And stay away from people who are infected until she \ he gets a fine. Some health experts have even recommended take fresh air and avoid using air conditioning.

Keep your house window open as it will don’t allow corona virus to stay for a long hours into the home environment.

Keeping your home environment is moderate. Not cold to extreme levels if it is very hot. Trying to manage your lifestyle at a moderate temperature. We understand that proper ventilation is very important, but as per the situation, the request to try to maintain moderate temperatures.

Humidity is also important to keep the immune system strong enough to fight against external viruses and bacteria. When we live around the surrounding dry, our immune system is low and this is not us against foreign particles. Minimum relative humidity of 40% is considered as the beginning. And if it crosses the 80% relative humidity level then neutralizing the corona virus. However, there is a greater likelihood of a virus and fungi with a high density of moisture. And this can cause respiratory problems such as asthma and respiratory problems.

Recommendations Regarding AC Health Advisory

To have the safe use of air conditioning during corona virus, which keeps the state adviser Home-based air-conditioning temperature of 24-30 degrees Celsius? And the average humidity should be 40-70 for the use of air conditioning at home.

state adviser in clear words – “Recirculation of cold air by the air conditioning room must be accompanied by the intake of outside air through the window slightly open and the exhaust by the excitement experienced,” To minimize health counselor risk factors also give some advice on cooling evaporative or cooling desert that provides cooling decent atmosphere is hot and dry.

Most evaporative coolers do not have the air filter channels as unique hardware, but they can be mounted to the cooler during or after installation. It is important to prevent the passage of dust and hygiene. Evaporative cooling tanks should be kept clean and purified and the water runs out and end time, the warning said. The current flat evaporative coolers, Installed in windows, enough to cool the room or area of ​​the room. Windows must remain open to discharge moist air. Comfortable evaporative coolers are not attractive open air is not recommended, the archive said, including that “evaporative cooling must draw air from the outside to ensure great ventilation”.

The best way to block the threat of a pandemic is the corona virus that keeping your home setting really well ventilated space environment. In order to obtain proper ventilation, you can use two such prominent mechanical ventilation and air conditioning systems. They are the best to take the air filter.

I hope this article sort out all your doubts related to the use of air conditioning. All Electrical Maintenance also ask that you stay in your home and avoid centralized air conditioning to be safe from the corona virus. Get your entire services Home front door of your house. Just address your needs to us and we will solve all your questions immediately. When you need ac repair service in kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and etc, we strongly suggest you skip the tutorial and instead of picking up the phone to schedule services with our team.