7 Things You Should Know About Engineering Colleges Before Admission


Engineering is undoubtedly the most popular career choice in India, and there are strong reasons for it. Around 1.5 million candidates apply for the Joint Engineering Entrance exam, most of whom have a common goal, i.e. to find a good-paying and secure job after degree completion. Since the competition is too high for getting a seat in government colleges, students often end up comparing various private colleges on different parameters.

In this article, we will discuss seven things which you should know before taking admission to an Engineering College:

  1. Focus on the placement records, not on the campus size: Many Engineering Colleges in Bhopal like to highlight their campus size and other infrastructure facilities. There’s no doubt that they are essential parameters but not the primary ones. Always make sure that the college you have selected manages to call enough companies for campus placement.
  2. Academics do matter: We all have heard our seniors saying that you only need to study one night before during your B.Tech course. However, that’s not the case, and it’s better if you don’t fall for such myths. There are subjects like Engineering Mechanics and others which give nightmares to students. Therefore, it’s better to prepare yourself mentally for sleepless nights in the libraries!
  3. College gives you the degree; knowledge makes you an Engineer: During our school days, we are much too dependent on our teachers. We are accustomed to doing home-works and assignments that are given to us by our teachers. However, things are different at college- what will you become after four years depends solely on you. Many Engineering Colleges in Bhopal and other cities give you ample opportunity to gain a lot of domain knowledge, and work on your overall personality, make good use of it.
  4. Forget about home food: Many students face issues with the hostel food, and many end up going home every weekend. If you are going to live in a hostel, then it’s better to prepare yourself for a different place, people and food.
  5. Listen to good seniors: Seniors are a vital part of your Engineering life. They advise you regarding many topics, such as academics, projects, careers, and more. It is a good idea to stay close to good seniors.
  6. Maintain a distance from alcohol and similar habits: There’s a recent fad among engineering students to indulge in alcohol and smoking. It would be best if you remember that you are still living off your parent’s money, and they work hard to afford your education. It’s better to avoid such things as they bring no good and damage your health and finances. Some Engineering Colleges in Bhopal have strict rules against such activities.
  7. Engineering is the best phase of your life: Your first day at your college might be difficult, but believe us, the last day will be the toughest one to say goodbye. Four years at your Engineering college become the best time of your life.