Valentine’s day isn’t only for those who are in a relationship or enjoying the warmth of marriage. It’s also one of those once in a year events to show your loved ones how dear they are to you and how much they mean to your life. 


Since women traditionally receive the most gifts during Valentine’s Day, we listed these precious gift ideas that you might want to consider for the best woman in your life. And she’s none other than your mother, mama, mamita, mum or mommy, and whatever cute names you call her. 


It’s because we believe that all mothers are queens and deserve all the love of their husbands and children. And if your mum belongs to the big community of mothers who love home decors to death, then you undoubtedly opened the right pages. 


So, surprise your mother and make her heart full this upcoming Valentine’s day by checking out the list of possible gift ideas below. Read further and find out.  


1. HESTIA Silver Parent and Child in a Log Sculpture


The first home decor gift idea on our list is the HESTIA silver parent and child in a log sculpture. Embellished and made more meaningful by a silver mirror electroplate parent and child figure, this 20.5cm tall home decor is for sure one of the perfect choices for a thoughtful Valentine’s day gift idea. 


The home decor also comes with a lifelike hand-painted resin in round-shaped style. This sentimental log sculpture could be an ideal decoration for a side table, centre table, or for your parents’ bedside table. 


2. Treasured Trinkets by Juliana

Treasured Trinkets – 2 Swans

The next home decor Valentine’s day gift idea on the list is the elegant, hand-painted, and crystal-polished two swans ornament from Treasured Trinkets by Juliana. Painted in vibrant colours, and decorated with crystals, the trinket box will for sure complete a bookcase, cabinet, mantelpiece, and side tables’ overall look.


Since the other swan is bigger than the other one, you may say that it’s the mother swan and her swanling. And that itself makes this home decor Valentine’s gift idea a must-buy for mum too.


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3. Stratton Wooden High Gloss Finish Jewellery Box With Lock

After an elegant trinket, here’s another opulent home decor, which you may get as a gift for your mum this Valentine’s Day. The Stratton wooden high gloss finish jewellery with lock is for sure a perfect match for your mum who loves collecting home decors and different pieces of jewellery at the same time. 


This eye-catching high gloss, deep red wooden jewellery box, highlighting chrome lock and hinge feature also comes in the nude pink faux suede lining. Inside, you’ll see the prime compartment and a cufflink or ring-roll for smaller pieces of jewellery. 


4. Crystocraft Box- Special Mum

Crystocraft Box

This Valentine’s day, make your mother feel special with this adorable trinket box from the Crystocraft. The oval-shaped Crystocraft Box is beyond sentimental as it has an engraving that notes, ‘Special Mum’. 


What makes the trinket box look marvellous is the rose design feature embellished with twinkling pink Swarovski® crystals. And with the spectacular crystal elements alongside the dazzling chrome or silver plated finishes, the Crystocraft trinket box is indeed voguish at its finest. 


5. Naturecraft Resin Figurine – Lioness and Cubs

Another heart-melting home decor gift idea that pictures unconditional love and connection between mothers and their children is the lioness and cubs resin figurine from the Naturecraft. The resin figurine is for sure one of the best additions to your mum’s home decor collections as it possesses uniqueness and elegance at the same time. 


With the lioness and cubs resin figurine, you can complete the overall look of a bookshelf, cabinet, mantelpiece or side tables. The resin figure may also add a touch of nature and vibrance to any space in your home. 


Say Your Valentine’s Day Greetings With a Thoughtful Gift:


Valentine’s day is almost here. Make your mum feel appreciated and loved as you greet her with a thoughtful gift in your hands.


If this article made you smile or helped you come up with the best Valentine’s day gift idea for your mum, then let us know by commenting below. 


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