5 Key Tech Trends in a Post COVID world


As the lethal Coronavirus struck, the companies were left with the sole choice to transform, adapt, and shift. But as things started to normalize, the newly adapted tech trends may become the new normal and the readiness as people have become used to it.

How COVID-19 Caused a Shift in Tech Usage?

The unprecedented COVID-19 became the catalyst for the tech evolution. The enterprises did groundbreaking brainstorming for optimizing tech usage in their daily operations. Since the world was in dire need of digital solutions, we witnessed a tech era with dramatic shifts. It was accelerating, it became absolute, and now it has become a significant part of people’s lives. The world has adopted a new set of tech trends which are unlikely to fade away anytime soon.

The 5 Prevailing Tech Trends

The following trends have been amplified and are a part of the post pandemic world,

1.      Artificial Intelligence (AI)

While navigating the post COVID-19 world, businesses will find artificial intelligence a key tool in discovering the recently changed user buying patterns and trends. The supply chain field will also be benefitting from the artificial intelligence. AI applications will enable them to track new geographic interests and stock management of seasonal product management with the help of advance machine learning.

2.      Cloud Computing

Microsoft reported a 775% increase in cloud computing service during the Pandemic. Now with companies willing to keep and encouraging the work from home ritual, the need for cloud computing has skyrocketed. A surge of cloud usage was also seen in the education field as universities required online communication and storage portals which is now being reconsidered to become normalized.

3.      Turning Towards VR Entertainment

The future entertainment is now assured to be of virtual reality (VR). The quarantined prompted many to opt for virtual reality gaming systems and television which has turned out to be addictive and gratifying. The post COVID world will enjoy a rise of VR/AR entertainment experience with new horizons and extended boundaries.

4.      The Internet of Things

The newly turned $150 billion industry is on its way to becoming mainstream. The COVID-19 has caused serious health precaution issues and eventually ignited rise to the advanced field of IoT. The IoT devices have been predicted to revolutionize the user experience with high-level storage and precise machine learning.

5.      Cyber-Security

With millions of people working from home, colossal sensitive data had become vulnerable which led to the apparent rise of cybersecurity, especially for data-driven organizations. Research sites have now implied cyber-security applications in case someone illegally wants to buy coursework templates.

Why These Changes Likely to Remain Unchanged?

The new trends have been blended into our daily routines. People have started to benefit from them and would continue to do so. These trends have a massive impact on us all. From searching the internet for dissertation help to scheduling a dentist’s appointment, these new tech solutions are present to make our lives more progressive and comfortable.