No marriage is indeed perfect as there’s no perfect partner. It’s the faithfulness, trust and unmatched connection, which results in an unshakable union of two different people that may last for a lifetime. 


That’s why the thought of entering marriage or getting married is a crucial thing to decide. It’s because there’s more to marriage than saying ‘I love you’ or ‘I miss you’.


If a question like ‘so, what makes a good foundation for a marriage?’ start building up in your mind right now, then know that you’re about to figure out the answers. Here, we listed some of the best intangible things that build up a rock-solid foundation for a marriage. 


So, whether you’re already married, thinking of tying the knot or about to get married soon, here’s a perfect article for you to read before walking down the aisle and say ‘I do’. 


1. An unparalleled level of respect for each other

One of the intangible things that make a rock-solid foundation of a couple’s union is their unparalleled level of respect for each other. Regardless if you’re the husband or wife, you must know that showing respect to your spouse is also a part of showing genuine love.


Part of showing respect is how you accept your partner as who they are, not forcing them to be someone who you want them to be. You can also say that a couple respects each other by coming up with a more manageable decision considering that they have contrary points or different views towards a particular matter. 


Remaining calm and communicating respectfully when a situation escalates is also a huge sign of respect. Respect comes in all shapes and forms, and we can say that it’s more likely about accepting each other’s differences and flaws. 


2. A mutual agreement to undergo marriage counselling from time to time

Marriage counselling saves more marriage than anyone could ever think. Many couples have seen a pinprick of hope to save their marriage through marriage counselling as it helps them figure their way out through marital conflicts and issues.


While marital conflicts and issues may damage marriage, it may also result in unfortunate divorce or unexpected separation when not handled properly. That’s why couples should have a mutual agreement to undergo marriage counselling from time to time. 


Seeing a marriage counselling expert won’t only help you put an end to marital conflicts in a better way, but will also strengthen your bond and relationship with your spouse. Through marriage counselling, each partner will know how to communicate their thoughts or opinion without sounding offensive or disrespectful towards their spouse.


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3. A steady spiritual wellness

Whether you’re religious or not, know that spiritual wellness is crucial to building up a rock-solid foundation for a marriage. Your spiritual beliefs will keep you away from any temptations of the flesh, as well as other evil doings. 


Always put the name of the Almighty Creator at the centre of your marriage despite your beliefs. He will always be your comfort and guidance throughout the storms of marriage, and He’ll celebrate with you at the times of joy and abundance.   


4. A solid communication

Communication is indeed an intangible key to a healthy relationship. Whether it’s in a romantic commitment, friendship or between the family, communication is essential. So, does in marriage. 


Married couples must practice healthy communication not only to exchange information like their current whereabouts or so. But also to express and share their feelings of happiness, sorrow, and uncertainty with their partner. It’s because married couples must be more transparent with each other compared to when they were only dating.


Healthy communication also means expressing their affection clearly and effectively to their spouse. Without communication or transparency, the warmth between couples might die, which may cause trouble in marriage. 


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5. A good relationship with the in-laws

If you aren’t married yet but planning to tie the knot soon, know that marriage isn’t only between you and your future spouse, but between your family and his family as well. You must be on good terms with your future in-laws and hence your future husband/wife. 


The in-laws are the ones who are supposed to guide married couples throughout their married life. They must provide them with pieces of advice when marital conflicts or issues tend to impair the marriage. 


A rock-solid foundation for a marriage is key to a long-lasting marriage:


Every marriage comes with difficulties and imperfections. You only have to choose the right one to share it with through ups and downs or through thick and thin. 


If these pieces of advice or tips sound helpful to you, don’t forget to share them with your family and friends even they’re married or not, okay?


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