5 Design Hacks for a Brighter Living Room

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Our living room is the centrepiece of our house. It is very wise enough to place the most desirable home décor on it. It will also reflect what kind of person we are. Making your living room as astonishing as five-star hotels is the best thing to look forward to. 

Other than those little bits of details of the furnishings on our living room, we should reckon on how neat looking it is. Making it look neat only pertains to one thing; we should make our living room as bright as possible. 

Making our living room brighter means more comfort and more relaxed while spending alone time or even with loved ones. How can we possibly make our living room brighter? Well, here are some design hacks for a brighter living room.

White Paint 

By painting your walls white, your living room will definitely brighten up. White doesn’t absorb light in contrast: it scatters light around your room from your window or your indoor lighting. If white is not your best bet, you can employ other brighter colours such as light blue or light green. 


Blue will give you a sense of coolness to your room without sacrificing too much light from the outside. Light green or some of those on the same hues surely will give you that light and airy feel to your living room.

Wall lights

Putting additional lighting on your wall facing upward is another way of giving more brightness to your room especially when there is no external light available. By facing your lights upward, the lights will bounce off your ceiling and will have a domino effect. If you already painted your wall white or any other brighter colours. 


These lights will also brighten up the edges of your living room, adding a more spacious feel to it. Table lamps and lamp posts will also be a good idea to add; make sure to put bright coloured lights to oppose yellow, warm, glowing lights. One should also check the light bulbs if it is still in good condition. 


A bad light bulb can dim the room as a result it couldn’t provide satisfactory light that is needed for our room.

Bright Coloured Furnishings

By using bright coloured furnishings, it would help reflect light internally or externally. Use bright coloured fabric for your upholstery fabrics for best results. You can also put carpets and rugs to your room, of course, the bright coloured ones. 

Black Contrast

You can have black edges or prints on your furnishings. This is best especially on long furniture and sharp edges such as a picture frame, long chairs, lamps and the pattern designs of your upholstery fabrics so with your carpets and rugs. 


By doing this, the bright areas in your living room will pop out or become highlighted.

Bright-coloured Curtain or Blinds

This will ultimately be the final touch in brightening up your living room. It won’t look good if you have followed those points mentioned above yet you have installed dark curtains in your living room. 


Using bright coloured curtains allows sunlight to come through thus making your living room bright. You can also use roman blinds especially the white ones. You incorporate black lines for your roman blinds as it will surely make the blinds white to pop up. Roman blinds are well known to be one of the most practical ones to be installed in your living room. 


If in any case you suddenly feel that the light outside is too bright for you; you can just drop your blinds down to block the sun’s light. 


They are also visibly very smooth unlike any other window coverings and are well known to be organized looking due to its equally divided folding when opened or retracted.

To Conclude

There are still many other ways to brighten up your living room but those key hacks above are the ones that are proven and very well tested. 


Make sure to follow those hacks above and we can assure you a very comfortable living not just by you but also those people who may drop by. Living in a bright living room will give you the brightest mood of your day to day life.