10 Popular Desert Safari Activities In Sharjah That You Should Never Ignore


Have you discovered the best things in Sharjah? If not, this article will show a light on some aspects of desert safari adventures. There are a lot of cool and thrilling activities that you can do in the deserts. However, each activity is not suitable for everyone. For example, if you have back problems, dune bashing or quad biking is not perfect for you. Either you can go for the camel ride or hot air balloon ride. Never forget to bring your glasses. Take a paper and pencil and mark your favorite desert safari activity.

1# Try Jeep Safari Or Dune Bashing:

A jeep safari or dune bashing are more or less the same. The difference is that you enjoy dune bashing in SUV cars such as Land Cruiser while jeep safari is enjoyed in a Jeep. Most of the tourists select desert safari Sharjah offers just because of this desert sport. You will feel a thrill when you go up and down in a 4×4 car or jeep.

2# Enjoy ATV Quad Biking:

The bike lovers or adrenaline junkies will experience some thrilling adventures while driving ATV quad bikes on beveled dunes. This dirt bike tour will make you feel like a true explorer.

3# Enjoy Fat Tyre Bike:

Exploring the desert on two fat tyres of a bicycle is the favorite desert sport of teenagers. It will take many hours to explore the vast landscape of the desert on two fat tyres. If you are physically fit, go for it.

4# Experience Falconry In The Desert:

The desert safari Sharjah offers include a demonstration of falcons flying high up to 4000 feet in the sky. Besides this, the tourists especially kids love to have falcons on their hands and take pictures.

5# Enjoy The Fun Of Sandboarding:

Sliding down the dunes on a wooden board is a fun-filled adventure. The grains of sand touching your face give a full touch of adventure. It is perfect for tourists of all age groups.

6# Enjoy Hot Air Balloon Ride:

The perfect time to enjoy a hot air balloon ride is either sunrise or sunset. You can explore a breathtakingly amazing view of the desert and sky from this ride. Watching falcons flying in the air and hot air balloon ride is the best combo.

7# Enjoy The Camel Ride:

The desert safari from Sharjah is best known to enjoy the camel ride to explore the deserts. If you are interested in knowing about the races of the camel, you can also visit the camel farms.

8# Enjoy Local Cuisine:

After enjoying the adventuresome desert safari activities, you can enjoy delicious dinner at the campsite.

9# Enjoy Mesmerizing Dance Performances:

You get to know about the culture and traditions of the Middle East through spectacular Belly dance, Tanoura dance, or Fire dance show.

10# Enjoy A Royal Sleep At The Campsite:

The overnight stay in the desert attracts the tourists for desert safari from Sharjah. When you wake up, you can enjoy a luxurious breakfast as well.